Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Melts in your mouth...

So last night when I left you I was off to bake. I love to bake, and cookies are my specialty. Recently I came across the idea of putting hidden treats inside my infamous chocolate cookies- and let me just tell you that it was an AMAZING idea!

Picture this...

One minute you are enjoying a chocolate chip cookie, then next thing you know you make it to the center!

In the center you could find a brownie, a peanut butter cup,a Rolo, or another mystery ingredient. Doesn't that just sounds delicious....

Based on reviews from a lucky few testers these cookies are worth every single calories. And in the interest of full disclosure these cookies are not healthy by any means. They are made with butter, sugars, and lots of chocolate- but everyone deserves a treat once in a while, right?

Would you like a cookie?


  1. I think you need to send these cookies to whoever your partner is in the gift exchange. LOL They sound really good. :D

  2. WOw those are making my mouth water considering I just started my 'healthy eating' days ...

  3. Tina- Yeah I'll keep that in mind, they are sure to please.

    Skye- Stay strong with the healthy eating days! By some miracle I was able to avoid eating these cookies, not that I didn't want to but I like seeing the scale drop instead.


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