Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sponge Bath...

Today was a busy day...

We started our day with a run to a local home improvement store for some quarter-round that we need to finish the dining room and rest of the house. But while there, we got distracted by another potential project- exterior doors.

They had a great clearance door that has the mini-blind inside the glass panes!! How fun is that!? It was a pretty good deal, but since we didn't have the right vehicle with us we decided to check our look Habitat for Humanity Re-Store, to see if they had a better deal first.

Reuse didn't have anything to fit our needs, so we got the other car, the roof rack, and headed back across town to see if we could get an even better deal on the door. And my husband- so bargain savvy- got another $25 off! The door has some minor blemishes- but to me it's 1000 times better than our original door. Only $125!!!

And who says you need a pick-up truck...its multi purpose!

Matt was very excited for the new door, so he spent the rest of the day ripping out the old one, and installing the new one. It is "almost" done, and will be finished up tomorrow.

Now onto the sponge bath...

While Matt was busily installing the door, I decided to capitalize on this beautiful 60 degree weather in Buffalo and give the cars a sponge bath. Both of our cars were in serious need of some love. I sprayed and scrubbed them clean. I didn't realize just how dirty they were until I was up close cleaning!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get to the interiors of both of our cars- oh and I really need to pick up some new brushes in preparation for the white stuff (aka the"s" word) that I'm sure will fall before I'm ready for it.

Off to dinner- I'm starving!


  1. That reminds me - my car is in serious need of a good washing too! Sound like a productive day!

  2. Care to come give my car a sponge bath? It needs one BAD! The inside needs a good workover too. There's all sorts of kiddo junk going on in there.


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