Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bending and posing....

My 'last' day of yoga was tonight. I say 'last' because I bought I one month unlimited pass that expires today.

Over the last month there have been lots of ups and downward dogs, and I have learned a lot along the way about the mental strength it takes to work into each pose and the strength to trust your body.

I never thought I would be standing on my head or being so close to doing a tripod.


In one month I have completed 12 classes. I did some sweat-inducing hip-hop yoga, some introductory all levels yoga, and a form of yoga focused on taking poses to the next level of stretch- Vinyasa.

I'm now much better at push-up than I previously was and I am addicted to doing headstands. I'm happy to repot I don't get too many stares at the regular gym.

So actually after all those positives, I don't think it will be my last yoga class!

Have you challenged yourself lately? What challenge would you like to take on???


  1. I would LOVE to try yoga at a studio and really get to see the different types. The only yoga I really get to do is the stuff at my gym. I have a feeling it is just not the same.

  2. Tina- Look around at yogas studios in your area you might find a good deal with the holidays coming. I actually haven't tried my gym's yoga class yet because the times haven't worked into my schedule, but if I check it out I'll let you know how it compares. Thanks for reading!


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