Friday, December 3, 2010


Welcome to December in the Buffalo area. Imagine driving home from work or running errands on Wednesday night and getting stuck in traffic due to snow. Then slowly realizing that the traffic isn't moving and the snow isn't stopping. Hours pass and you haven't moved, you're suck there overnight and well into the next day.

This was the reality on 7 miles of a Buffalo highway from around 8pm Wednesday night until roughly 3pm Thursday afternoon- and even then the road did not open until Friday morning. Crazy right?

This stretch of highway is only about 5 miles from my house with around 2 feet of snow falling in a 24 hour period. The neighboring streets and towns were also buried, with residents spending many hours digging from out the heavy wet snow.

Now you're thinking, did you shovel yourself out? The answer is no because we didn't get any snow. Weird right? Gotta love our crazy weather, but I know we'll get ours soon enough so for now I'll just enjoy it.

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