Friday, June 11, 2010

His and Her Tasks...

Matt's task for the day was to create smooth walls and trim. He filled holes, skim coated the walls, and then set to work smoothing it out. For his adventure he chose the following gear:

It was very dust job, so it was definitely appropriate. Here's some pictures of him hard at work.

After doing all that work Matt cleaned up the DUST, and there was lots of it. There is still dust, but we're going to have to pick up some tack clothes to get it off the walls before painting.

While Matt was busy with the kitchen I made myself useful, and took to the "Pink" room. My task was to take this room from disaster zone to organized chaos. Just a little background for some of you, the pink room is soon to be the only room that has never been painted and has functioned as a storage area since we moved in. Since the wedding it has been store gifts that we didn't want to use until the kitchen was done and now it also has all the kitchen items.

Take this mess:

Substrate out unnecessary packaging, and do a little organizing.

It then equal this...

Much easier to move around now...

After all that work we were both very hungry, so I set to work on a quick yet filling meal.

Alright off to rest now with more fun in the kitchen tomorrow.

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  1. 1. Tell Matthew he looks extra sexy in that!!
    2. OMG can you come do that to my house please :) What a difference.


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