Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Veggie week continues....

Last night I had major plans for stuffed peppers, and while they weren't bad I think next time they will be better. I used tri-color peppers and stuffed them with lentils and red quinoa. I flavored it up with some greek yogurt, organic bbq sauce, and hot sauce. After they were all prepped I realized that they barely fit in the toaster oven (I miss my real oven). So since we still needed to eat, I put the peppers in half and cooked them open faced.

Tonight we were super hungry because we finally made it back to the gym for a good strength training session!!! Yeah! So for dinner I made a large salad to share that included mixed greens, tomatoes, feta, and a few cranberries.

For a main course we had a lentil wrap and half of a leftover stuffed pepper. The lentil wrap contained lentils (obviously), roasted red peppers, artichokes, and black olives. It all makes for a filling, healthy meal- and quick too!

In other news I went for my first run since the half-marathon yesterday! I know it's been over a week since the half but we're been busy with the kitchen so I never got out for a run. Sabrina and I went around her neighborhood to explore a bit with no particular plan- just making turns as they came up. We probably covered just over 2 miles. After our run she cut these beautiful flowers for me to take home, her new gardens were in bloom! They're pink peonies.

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