Sunday, June 6, 2010

Where does the time go?

Wow is it really Sunday at 8:30 pm already? I probably should get to making dinner, but first a quick review of the weekends events.

House Related

Since I last wrote the following has been accomplished:
-All electrical from the outlets to the under cabinet wiring (I must say that it is amazing to imagine having more than one usable outlet- now I have an outlet every three feet!)
-Wallpaper has been removed from all the walls
-Large holes and cut-outs have been filled
-Matt rebuilt the missing window sill
-A skim coat of spackling has been applied to the walls
-All the upper cabinet units have been assembled
-Almost decided on a wall color (I'm down to three, but Matt has decided what he likes I'm just not sold on it yet.)


Last week was a bit rough trying to find or make quick meals, so this week I did more planning and prepping while Matt was busy working on the kitchen. I made the following items to get ready for a busy week between work, working out, and remodeling.

-Vegetarian Chili
-Black Bean Soup
-Three Bean Salad (a great side dish and loaded with protein)
-Red Pepper Hummus (to be used for snacks and wraps)
-Lentils (to be used for stuffed peppers and wraps)

There's a quick review for you, but I better go get dinner ready. Tonight's meal is Hummus Wraps with sweet corn. And for dessert I have something exciting planned with the fresh picked cherries I picked up at the store this week.

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