Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lazy Sunday Morning...

Yesterday was a productive day of grocery/Christmas shopping...

Left side is a bunch of baking related groceries, while on the right are the typical groceries we consume during the week. And then I did my first cookie test, a new cookie with cranberries and white chocolate. The verdict was positive but it needs a little bit of work according to the husband. (Although he hasn't stopped eating them yet, so they aren't too bad.)

After a long day of working around the house we went out for the evening to enjoy a movie and dinner. We had a nice relaxing time, sometimes it is fun to get out of the house.

This morning we continued out laziness with a late breakfast of pancakes. Matt made me chocolate chip pancakes, and he went for strawberry topped pancakes.

And now that we've spent all morning lounging around we need to get to work around here because we have another outing planned for tonight! Bowling is $1 per game on Sunday so we'll be meeting our friends for some fun.

Have a good day!

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