Monday, December 20, 2010

What is today?

Well I guess I should tell you that I know it is Monday, December 20, 2010. But someone needs to let the crowds at the gym know that it isn't January 1st yet...

Today it was packed! I was there for almost two hours, and noticed that it got busier as time passed.

Normally I don't go to the gym for two hours, but tonight was different. My workout was doubled up to cover both upper and lower body today so that I can avoid missing workouts due to the holidays. I plan to try to work something into the holidays excitement, but just in case our plans get too hectic.

When I got home dinner could not be prepared quick enough...luckily everything was precooked and just needed to be heated through. I created a protein bowl to fill my very hungry self.

My protein bowl contained:

-Baked Chicken
-Black beans
-Quinoa (I think it might be my favorite grain!)
-Greek Yogurt

It didn't photograph well or I'm not good at using my camera- either way it tasted great!


  1. As long as that bowl was delicious, appearances need not matter. "Mash In A Bowl" is a popular secret-blogger meal :)

    I'm not a part of a gym, but I definitely agree with the effort to work out this week and shifting my schedule a bit to fit it all in. When I've feasted on Christmas and feel totally fine, it will have been worth it.

  2. Hey Jen,
    Thank you thank you thank you so much for the gifts! You really nailed it and the gifts were PERFECT! I love the PB- it tastes delicious and the Operation Beautiful book was a very nice surprise! I am so happy to have my own copy!
    I look forward to reading your blog! :) Thank you again and Merry Christmas! :)

    P.S- I LOVE the cakes! :)


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