Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm still here...

It's the holidays and life has gotten a bit busy, and when I get a few minutes I'm typically reading other blogs. Let's just say I'm torn- write my own blog or gain inspiration from other blogs. I seem to be taking the inspiration!

In my absense I've been doing lots of stuff:

-Working as usual, but looking forward to some holiday vacation!

-Going to the gym to stay fit and get stronger!

-Getting New Winter Tires (They plow through quite nicely.)

-Scrubbing our floors on my hands and knees. I do own a mop, but I just feel like getting down there with the dirt gets it cleaner.

-Putting my dining room back together for the first time since the remodel that started in May!
During the remodel:

Present Day:

-Decorating the dining room so we can show a little Christmas spirit- hopefully next year we can have a tree!

-Baking Matt a batch of Ginger Snaps, and probably the only cookie I don't like.

-Starting work on my homemade Christmas gifts.

-Enjoying Sunday Brunch with the girls as part of our Christmas celebration!

-Falling down the stairs, which a good friend of mine can understand. I'm sure she is in much more pain than I am- I only have two small bruises. (Feel better soon!)

-And trying to come up with a plan for improving my blogging, which I hope to do more of starting in the new year. I just need to figure out what will work for me and what you all will want to read.

So with that I ask: Anything you'd like to see or read on my blog? What am I doing well? Want more health/fitness? More Cooking? More Baking?

Tell me what you think- I could use a little feedback.


  1. i really enjoy it (but i supposed im biased)

    maybe a workout routine showing your 95lb bench press!

  2. I answer yes to all of the above questions. I have decided to do the Iron Girl next year, it's in August. I am hoping to start training ASAP!

    Falling down the stairs sucks! At least you only got bruises. I'm still in a ton of pain while sitting, and the car is much worse. That unfortunately limits what activities I can do right now, and no drinking. :-(

    Will you be in Syracuse at all for Christmas? I'd love to see you guys.


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