Friday, March 4, 2011

ABCs of me...

Everyone knows their ABCs, but do you know the ABCs of me???? I don't normally participate in these "surveys", but I thought it made for a fun way of letting you know more about me! I saw Natalia over at A Side of Simple, and a few other bloggers so I figured I'd just go for it.

A = Age: Just around the corner from 30...I can see it coming at me fast!

B = Bed size: Queen, our King took up to much room!

C = Chore you dislike: Cleaning the bathroom.

D = Dogs: We had dogs growing up, but we don't have one now because I feel like we are on the road too much!

E= Essential start to your day: Hitting the snooze least twice!

F = Favorite color: Green, any shade.

G = Gold or silver: Silver, but I will wear both together too.

H = Height: 6', and with heels I'm really up there.

I = Instruments you play(ed): The flute, but I definitely I don't remember how to play anymore.

J = Job title: Wife. Friend. Personal planner.

K = Kids: None yet, but someone day I hope to hold the job title of mommy.

L = Live: Buffalo, NY

M = Mom’s name: The Lady that doesn't stop...or Bev.

N = Nicknames: Jen to most, but Aunt Jenny to my niece and nephew.

O = Overnight hospital stays: I don't remember any, so I guess 29 years ago when I was born.

P = Pet peeves: People that say "good morning" and "good night" to Facebook, I just find it odd.

Q = Quote from a movie: 'Nobody puts baby in a corner'- Dirty Dancing; I couldn't come up with anything else and I recently came across the movie on TV.

R = Righty or lefty: Righty

S = Siblings: One older brother, one younger sister, and one (much) younger brother.

T = Time you wake up: Typically 6am on the weekdays and 7am on weekends. Gone are the days of sleeping until noon, I feel like it wastes a day.

U = Underwear: Yes, please.

V = Vegetables you don’t like: I used have a long list, but now I'm pretty willing to try anything and I usually end up liking it!

W = What makes you run late: My husband! Just joking...

X = X-rays you’ve had: I get annual x-rays of my teeth from my dentist, then all the sudden I need fillings- it's my favorite thing! (again I joke)

Y = Yummy food you make: I'd say most anything in the dessert department, but especially anything in chocolate chip cookie family.

Z = Zoo animal favorites: Elephants, or maybe the Gorillas I could just watch they play all day!

Any there you have it! That's small glimpse into the ABCs of me...

Anyone have exciting plans for this weekend???


  1. I didn't know you were 6" fall! Thanks for the fun glimpse of your life.

  2. H - Rock the heels anyway, lady!

    This weekend, I'm seeing a ton of girlfriends in varying combinations.

    And maybe engaging in just a bit of napping...hmm?


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