Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Sometimes when your run a race or a marathon, you get a swag bag. Well this weekend we created our very own 'swag' bag by standing in the lines and making second passes after lunch to booths we wanted more 'swag' from. Check it out...

My husband got a bit of a chuckle tonight seeing me spread the goods across one of our tables in an orderly fashion, but a girls gotta blog. Now for a closer look at the goods.

Mini Larabar samples including PB &J, Carrot Cake, Lemon, and Peanut Butter Cookie- yum!

Cascadia Farm Organic Dark Chocolate Almond Granola and Harvest Spice Granola Bars...

StarKist tuna in a wide array of flavors...

(If you're confused by the tuna it's because body builders eat it for the protein and usually straight out of the cans.)

EAS Finish Vanilla Protein Powder...
(Even though I prefer chocolate, it was free so I can't complain)

Various sample of other Whey Proteins and pre-workout items; most of which will be used by the husband since things labeled 'ANIMAL' and 'RAGE' scare me a bit.

Though we got a lot of 'swag' for free, I did decide to buy "The Stick" to help soothe my sore muscles. I've recently changed up my workout plan, and that change left my legs begging for relief so it should come in handy.

Another purchase was Power Fx wrists bands that help balance the ions in your body giving you a better since of balance. I know you're probably thinking we got sold, but honestly I'll do that tests on you and you'll seriously consider buying one. No joke!

What's your favorite Larabar or granola bar?

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  1. I'm a Cherry Pie girl, myself.

    P.S. SO impressed that you scored so many LARAs! Before the 10 mile, the women working that booth were like, the angriest women ever. And militant about bar-distribution. I was like, are you for real?


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