Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My pet frog....

I keep talking about frogs, but to be honest I really don't like frogs. I won't touch them because they just look slimy and gross- and I heard once when I was little that the cause warts! So no literal pet frogs will be found near me, but since Katie asked in the comment section about what I'm jumping for I guess I'll put it out there.


I actually have several jumping frogs on my lily pad right now, but the newest frog will be jumping for a Germany/Europe vacation. Matt and I really wanted to go for our honeymoon, but it just wasn't going to be possible after the wedding due both to funds and vacation time. However we had a great mini-moon, and have been talking about future vacation plans ever since.

We'd really like for it to happen next year if possible. We've made a savings plan and will be jumping toward that! We haven't made any exact plans, but we will be working toward it and that's a great start.

Obviously I'm still jumping for my normal daily decisions like staying healthy, being a good wife & friend, doing my best at work to allow more future opportunities, and continuing to remodel the untouched areas of our house.

So everyone keep jumping for each day and each dream!


  1. Great goal !!
    Brian and I are going to go back to St. Lucia for our 5 yr anniversary in 2 years... can't wait. Goals are fun!

  2. Yeah I remember your pictures from St. Lucia- they were beautiful!


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