Monday, October 18, 2010

Frogs...(part 2)

Okay so nobody even attempted to answer the question, I guess maybe you're worried there is a trick to it. You're right, so here it is again.

Three frogs are sitting on a rock next to the water. One frog decides to jump in the water. How many frogs are still on the rock?

The answer is three, the frog only "decides" to jump- but it does not say that he does it.

I am working on "jumping" and following through with the decisions I make. Is there something you've made the decision to do, but haven't yet jumped for?


  1. I don't know... my mind is mush right now... When I saw your frogs post, all I could think about was the 5 Speckled Frogs song I sing to Julianna. LOL. Sorry thats not the answer you're looking for I bet.

  2. Haha, I definitely thought it was a trick question and I didn't know how to answer. That actually just sums up my life as a whole! I always have trouble following through on my jumps!

  3. I knew it was a trick!! I can't think of anything right now specifically that I'm not jumping for, but I know there's something. What are you talking about?

    Hey, any word on the Warrior Dash for next year?


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