Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Four Years Ago...

Four years ago things were pretty crazy here in Buffalo. The weather went from 70 and beautiful to 30 and snowing, which caused trees to start falling. Throughout the night you could here an odd silence that was broken only by the sounds of snapping branches. We woke in the morning to find the power out, work and school cancelled, snow covering the ground, giant trees across on cars and homes, and the only way out was by foot.



  1. Wow that is crazy. We had something like that here 2 years ago right before Halloween - we got like 6 inches of heavy snow (we don't normally get snow until december) and there were trees & limbs down everywhere. We had to have our tree guy come and take one down before it fell on the house. Global Warming I tell ya!

  2. Yeah the weather can be crazy, you never know what's next!


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