Tuesday, September 21, 2010


On Sunday Matt, Sabrina, Jill, and I made our way to Windham Mountain to take part in Warrior Dash. I assume you've read my original post, but just in case you haven't I'll give you a quick run down.

Warrior Dash is an event that in multiple locations across the US, and provides participants the chance to not only compete in a race but too get really involved in the race. Each participant must not only cover 3.23 miles, but also must dig deep and make it through 13 different obstacles. As our group learned it really ends up being more unlabeled obstacles along the way. This is unlike any race I have ever done, there are more people than you can imagine, and it's not only a physical- it's mental.

A lot of work goes into planning and executing this event in each region, so each event lasts two days with a group of at least 200 people leaving the start line every half hour. It was a crazy event, clean people, dirty people, food, beer, music-one great big party! Alright so onto the excitement...

Start of the day picture....

We got to Windham Mountain with plenty of time to check in, take in the sight, watch people cross the finish line, and try to get mentally prepared for the fun to come. When standing at the starting corral all you can see is the MASSIVE hill, and it gets intimidating.

Here's the conversation;
S: Oh my- look at the hill!
J: We can do this! Just keep your head down and keep going.
S: Okay, but I don't know.
J: We can do this!!!

Then the gun goes off, and our 12:30 group has officially started Warrior Dash. We start our climb up the hill- guess who the first person to walk is? Yup, me. I realize as we begin our climb it isn't a hill- it's a Mountain and I realized that as we rounded the first corner and it got even steeper. We climbed the mountain for probably approximately a half a mile!!! (No joke.)

Then we came up to our first obstacle the 'Knee High Hell' or basically speed stepping through the tires to the other side. We got through this, but I know I was barely breathing. Then we continued our climb up the mountain, then we came across the Warrior Walls. A series of three walls that were about chest high that you had to get yourself over- not too bad at all the biggest thing was to try not to kick the face of the person behind you or get kicked yourself.

Then we climbed another half mile up the mountain, at this point I just kept my hands over my head so I could breath. I don't mean to sound like a baby- but we were climbing a very steep part of a muddy mountain- it was intense (but doable). Then we came to the Tunnels of Terror- probably one of the easiest obstacles because you just had to crawl through a tunnel/pipe of approximately 3 feet in diameter. It was a little rough on the knees but not bad at all really.

Upon crawling out of the tunnel, we were finally cut a break- we no longer had to climb straight up. It was more of a zig zag down the mountain- with a few climbs along the way. As we ran across the mountain we made our way through uncharted territory referred to as the Black Forest obstacle. The important part was to pay attention to each step to avoid slipping on a rock or twisting an ankle in the thick, slippery mud.

Then as we rounded the corner there was the Slithering Swamp- you climb into icy cold water that comes up to your chest and then make your way to the other side to climb out. Although it was super cold it felt great on my burning from the climb up the mountain- maybe one of my favorite obstacles.

We continued weave our way down the mountain by Walking the Plank, running over a bridge, running down a small river, then we climbed up a cargo net then down the other side. Then we could hear the crowds of people, which meant one thing we were almost there!!!!

The last three obstacles were one right after the other. We first slid down an adult version of the slip'n slide. As I was headed down face first I realized there was a small pond at the end so I quickly covered my face, then after we all had to quickly stand up and get out of the way of the others come down. Next we ran toward the fire and jumped over two different rows of fire- it sounds scary to jump over fire, but it was actually quite fun. And you're soaking wet so you're really don't in any danger.

We were suddenly at the end with all the people cheering as you jump into the Muddy Mayhem and crawl your way across under the barbed wire. Then it was up and across the finish line.

Pretty incredible right?

What an adventure! We all completed it successfully with no injuries. Jill was the first from our group to finish up, then Matt, Sabrina and I crossed the finish line at about the same time. We haven't been given any official times but it took us about an hour to finish.

And here's our final group picture after all the fun!

Anyone want to join us next time???


  1. I'm in next time!!! Stupid back of mine, it looks like you guys had an awesome time. Definitely an experience to remember.

  2. Great job! You two look absolutely amazing. Big time inspiration :) :)

  3. You guys look fabulous! Keep up the good work! I get tired just reading your blog lol!


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