Monday, August 2, 2010

Are we crazy????

We have made a decision- and it's definitely 'outside the box.' A few weeks ago while reading comments on Caitlin's blog Healthy Tipping Point, when I came across one that mentioned an event called Warrior Dash. I was interested so I immediately typed 'Warrior Dash' into the search bar.

The explanation of the event is as follows:

"Welcome to America’s most insane race. Warrior Dash lands in the Northeast for the first time in 2010 where 13 obstacles from hell await this 3.23 mile course. Are you a warrior? "

The 13 obstacles include:
1. Knee High Hell- speed step through tires
2. Warrior Wall- climb over
3. Tunnels of Terror- burrow through
4. Black Forest- uncharted trek
5. Slithering Swamp- unknown murky waters
6. Walk the Plank- traverse the gully on wooden planks
7. Rip Van Winkle Way- cross the bridge without getting weary
8. Rio Run- dash down the river
9. Cargo Climb- up and over
10. Flagstone Stack- scale the wall
11. Catskill Skid- slosh down the slippery slope
12. Warrior Roast- leap over the warrior fires
13. Muddy Mayhem- scramble through mud under barbed wire


Now when I first found out about this event I mentioned it to Matt, and he took an interest too. Sabrina was intrigued too. After much debate Sabrina finally laid down the law on July 26th and said, "Let's make a decision- deadline July 30th!" Needless to say that was the push we all needed- by the end of that very day we were all signed up for this insane event!!!

After signing up we mentioned it to few other people, and got two more warriors to add to our "clan".

Our CLAN is made up of: Matt, Katie, Sabrina, Jill (Sabrina's friend), and myself. Needless to say Matt is one very lucky guy! He's going to run around Windham Mountain, through the mud, and over the obstacles with four crazy women. This should be very fun and interesting!

These are some images I found on google that show the fun to come:

It's going to be nuts and we need to start training. We started by hitting the gym tonight and doing some interval training.

Any other crazy takers out there?


  1. Woah! I got tired just reading that! Good luck to you guys- You will need to post some pictures for sure when you do it! Try not to hurt yourself!! LOL!

  2. Yikes! You'll need lots of stamina and fortitude to make it through that course, but it looks like a lot of fun.


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