Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pink Dress Run and Other Fun

Friday night after work Sabrina and I took part in the Pink Dress Run in downtown Buffalo. It was a 2-mile fun run/walk to "save second base". All money raised went to breast cancer awareness and research at Roswell Park.

I kept with the theme and wore a pink dress, with shorts underneath- just in case. I only felt out of place while leaving my office building because you don't usually wear a pink dress with bright green sneakers. Once I got to the event, I soon looked less out of place, especially with these outfit. And yes men wore dresses to get into the excitement!

The run was only 2-miles, and while I didn't time it we did find out from a fellow run that our first mile was done in 10:14- yeah!!! I really didn't feel like we were moving that fast but I'll take it. I didn't find out our official time because this was an untimed event- but I believe we probably came in under 22 minutes- we're pretty happy with that!

After the race we were suppose to catch a bus back to the start line, but the first bus was full and took almost 30 minutes to get back for a second load- which we also missed out on. So we walked the 2 miles back to the start- so we got in a 2 mile run and a 2 mile walk. We were starving we finally finished, so we each headed home then met up for some sushi (or in my case a chicken dish). It was a late evening, but a fun time.

After dinner it was home for some sleep! Matt and I had an early morning wake up call to take care of some house stuff. We had to rent a Pick-up truck to haul some construction debris and other house garbage to the dump. We're allowed to bring 2000 pounds a year, and we did 1000 pounds in one week! We got all the garbage from the kitchen renovations, a bunch of miscellaneous doors and closet doors, and we also ripped all the paneling out of the basement! (We now have just the 2x4 studs left, which will get taken down and re purposed.) Let's just say we feel 1000 pounds lighter- I can't believe we had that much stuff.

After dropping of the garbage we loaded the truck with all the donation items left from the garage sale a few weeks ago and dropped it all at goodwill. I'd guess that was another couple hundred pounds of stuff!

After it was normal Saturday tasks like groceries, re-organizing the kitchen, mowing the lawn, and other fun around the house. Then it was finally time to shower and head to church. After church we decided to have a date night, and got on our bikes headed for a local festival. On the way we stopped off to see friends, and ended up spending the whole night there catching up and sitting by a backyard fire.

Today will be much more leisurely- I have some baking to do and some giant zucchini to use. It's going to be a yummy day!


  1. Right on :) I was right behind the main group in my car as they turned up Linwood. Looks like it was way fun :)

  2. Did you cut your hair? It looks shorter in the picture, but it could just be the way you have it pulled back.

    Can't wait to see you this weekend!

  3. Rich- it was fun to see just how far some people took the pink dress theme!

    Katie- yes I did cut my hair, it's so fun now. Warrior Dash here we come!!!!


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