Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crazy Busy Week...

Sorry that it has been a week since I gave you an update on life in Buffalo, but it's been busy and at 10pm I'd rather get sleep than try to blog. Sorry, but this girl needs her 8 hours when she can get it.

Our week was rather normal- work, gym, and household jobs. I won't bore you with the monotonous details, I'm sure you can imagine the fun.

Then came Friday, Saturday, and Sunday...which meant Matt and I were headed our separate ways for the weekend. Matt headed westward to Ohio with his friend Matt to visit their friend Chris for a boys weekend that included kayaking and other fun.

I on the other hand headed eastward to Liverpool for a quieter weekend ending with a 5K trail race with Katie. Friday evening and Saturday was spent at my mom's house playing with my niece and nephew (so cute and fun), shopping at the farmers market, and picking out new running shoes. Nothing too crazy, I decided not to run around town this time trying to visit everyone. I feel bad, but at the same time I'm only one person and I needed to just do less this time around.

A little over a month ago Katie asked me to join her for a 5K trail run at Beaver Lake Nature Center. Sunday morning we got there early to check in and get our race numbers. Then we walked around looking for the start line, and boy was it hard to find! After much walking around we eventually found it painted in the grass (I never thought to look there).

Before the race Katie had said she was planning to run for her best time, so we started together- but she was quick out the gate thanks to her training over the last few months. This run was much different than any either of us had ever run because it was on trails. There was "high" grass, dirt, mulch, boardwalks, and some steep dirt hills that we came across throughout the 3.1 miles.

Katie came in at 32:30, which was awesome!

I came in at 38:52, which was good.

I was hoping to come in closer to 36, but considering my lack of running lately and my inability to pick up my feet (I tripped twice!) I'm satisfied overall. I had a good first mile, but the last two were a bit harder. I think I might be going out too fast! I need to work on it before Warrior Dash...

After crossing the finish line I had lots of water and a banana. Then Katie and I decided to split a Panera Cinnamon bagel- they are such tasty bagels, but loaded with calories so it was a special treat.

After we were cooled off, we decided we needed some protein so we headed over to IHOP. I know at first it doesn't sound like the healthy option, but they have a new healthy menu that gives you nutrition details and substitutes a side of fruit instead of the toast and hash browns.

I had an omelet with spinach, tomato, and mushrooms- Yum!

After getting breakfast, I headed home for a shower. I can't believe how dirty the trails are! I think I like running on pavement much better. Later in the afternoon I joined the family for some lunch, then I drove a very busy thruway back to Buffalo.

Well, off to wait for the husband to get home- he must have been having lots of fun....


  1. It was a great run yesterday, and I still think that you've done very well. Those hills were pretty bad. I think I need to go running around there more often so that I can get used to the hills and everything. There's got to be somewhere in Buffalo that you can run in. Oh, well, great weekend! And it was great seeing you.

  2. Thanks Katie! I just put a lot of pressure on myself, but overall I'm happy with the time considering the trails we were on.


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