Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birthday Celebration!

If you're wondering how to celebrate turning 29, I can't tell you the perfect way but I will tell you what I think worked. I spent eight hours working (like normal), and I took my lunch break with Sabrina & Brenda.

We all met up at Cabaret in downtown Buffalo. We had a great lunch, and they gave me a great gift card for White House, Black Market- that I can't wait to use!

After lunch it was back to work, but it wasn't too bad because quitting time came quickly. And shortly after lunch Matt sent me a text with a clue that something sweet was hidden in the kitchen- and I found a bag of dark chocolate!

I did have to do some dishes after work that had been piling up, (which will hopefully one of the last few times!) While doing the dishes I managed to cut myself on a cup that had gotten chipped. It was in the worst spot- between my pinkie and ring finger! Can you say ouch? So after that happened I quit washing dishes and walked away.

After the incident Matt called and told me to get ready because he'd be picking me up in 20 minutes- though he wouldn't tell me where we were headed. I selected a dress and then patiently awaited his arrival.

He took me to a restaurant that we've both been wanting to try, but found the place empty and with the doors locked. We don't think they went out of business, so we'll try again another time. We decided to head further down Elmwood Ave. and decided on Toro Tapas Bar.

A Glass of Malbec for me...

Breads & Spreads with a fresh salad...

Grilled Flat Iron Steak

Since it is a tapas bar we shared all the dishes, and everything was great! At the end of dinner Matt passed me this envelop...

Inside the envelop I found a gift certificate to Capello's Salon & Day Spa. Matt's suggestion is a haircut; first because I'm always saying I should get one and secondly because my hair is always the same. He also suggests I go into the stylist and say "Do whatever you want- just make me look young." That's a scary thought, but maybe I'll just do it!

After a lovely dinner we did what we always seem to end up doing on my birthday- we went to Home Depot. Home improvements are summer projects so I guess I have to share my day with the house, and I'm okay with that because we are so close to having a new kitchen! We picked up the supplies to tile the back splash and a garbage disposal.

Today, Saturday, my family is coming to check out the kitchen, take me to lunch to celebrate my birthday, and we are going to go on the Maid of Mist at Niagara Falls- hopefully I'll get some great pictures. After they leave we will be tiling the back splash! Today will be very interesting, so stay tuned for the fun to come.

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