Saturday, July 24, 2010

Adventures in Canada...

Today Sabrina and I ventured across the border into Canada to do a little shopping. Our goal was to come back with some tasty treats and some new decorations for Sabrina's new place!

We plotted our route based on three main attractions: Oakville Organic Farmers' Market, Whole Foods, and IKEA.

Farmers' Market
So you're wondering why I would drive two hours across the border to go to a farmer's market, when I live just a few miles from a few different markets? Well... Sabrina and I wanted to pick up some Glo Bars, and the only place to get those is through Angela at Oh She Glows. If you've never checked out her blog, I suggest you take a few minutes and head over to her site. Not only does she sell tasty Glo Bars, but she also posts about the meals she creates- which are very inspirational. Sabrina and I walked away with lots of great bars to snack on in the coming days- we're very excited!

Here we are (Sabrina, Angela, & Me):

(I borrowed her photo since I didn't take a photo myself- hope it's okay!)

Whole Foods

Our next adventure was at Whole Foods in Oakville, Ontario. It was Sabrina's first experience at Whole Foods, which is always fun. It is considered to be a pricier store, but they have such interesting stuff I always leave with some fun new items that I probably wouldn't find at my normal grocery store.

My fun new products included:
-Roasted Garlic Oil with Garlic Scapes
-Crofter's Super fruit Spread with Black Currants, Pomegranates, Cherries and Grapes
-Peanut Butter & Co.- The Heat is On which is peanut butter with chili powder, cayenne peppers, crushed red pepper and paprika
-CoCo Mia's Dark Chocolate Crunch which is Belgian dark chocolate with buttery toffee and pecans
-Loaf of Seedduction Bread (unpictured)

Matt is already thoroughly enjoying the spicy peanut butter on slices of seedduction bread, but I do have plans possible to use it as a spicy Thai peanut sauce. Well I guess I'll play with it when the time comes. I'm also hoping to be able to re-create the mixture with the Vitamix.

After all that shopping we decided to try out Whole Foods prepared foods and made ourselves little tastings, which fueled us up for more shopping.

My choices:

(I got the tortilla, but end up only eating a quarter it.)

Sabrina's choices:

Lastly we hit up IKEA. If you've ever been there, you know it's a couple hours of browsing and shopping- it's a fun time especially on a rainy Saturday. I only picked up a kitchen timer, bag clips, three white pots (that were on clearance!), and some wall hooks that fold up when not in use.

We had a pretty great girls day in Canada. I very happy with all the things I picked up, and I think Sabrina is too!

Alright, off to make sure my hard working husband gets fed. Tomorrow I'll show you what Matt got done in the kitchen today- it's very exciting!


  1. Yes had a great day and got lots of fun stuff. Thanks again!

  2. Whole Foods & Ikea are awesome! I love Ikea here but if you go on the weekend, you can't even move in the store it's soooo crowded! We picked up a few cute things for Julianna's room there last month!


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